Tải sách – Download sách Collins English For Life - Writing A2 Pre-intermediate của tác giả Kristen Campbell - Howes thuộc thể loại Sách Học Ngoại Ngữ miễn phí định dạng PDF, EPUB, MOBI.

- Exercises to practise getting your meaning across

Collins Writing will help you to write clear English that everyone will undertsand. Using real language and realistic examples Writing will guide you to choose the right words and the right style to write clearer, better English for every situation.

- Adverts- Forms- Text messaging

Collins English For Life - Writing A2 Pre-intermediate

- Emails

- Advice on layout, punctuation and tone

- Formal and informal situations

The Collins English For Life series features authentic language to help learners improve their communication skills. The individual skills approach makes it possible to focus on the skills you need to improve, whether studying alone or in the classroom.

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